Posted by: Jenny | November 1, 2012

National Blog Posting Month…NABloPoMo

Can I do it?  Can I stick to writing one post a day for the entire month of November when I haven’t actively posted in oh forever. Challenge Accepted.

I am not very good at follow through.  Hella good at starting.  Hella good at idea generating brainstorming.  But oh the details?  And actually having to DO it…anyway what’s next.  So we will see.  I like a challenge, and I would like to get better at the doing and not just the thinking.  I’ll try.


Posted by: Jenny | March 13, 2012

How do you do it?

6:15am-wake up to nurse Claire – finish with her

6:30 am- nurse Chloe, put both babies back in cribs.

6:45 am – stumble into kitchen start coffee.   dig around for breakfast, start that for kids.

7:15 am- hear Ben’s alarm go off, followed by tired feet into the kitchen.  Get him started eating yogurt and berries.

                remember it is spring picture day.  Go pick out clothes for Ben and wake up Mara.  Get Mara eating.

7:30 am – sit down and drink first cup of coffee and eat a quick breakfast with kids.

7:35 am – wake up D, who has magically slept through everything so far.

7:45 am – bring D a cup of coffee in the shower, say good morning to the ladies who are talking to each other                             and giggling in their cribs.

8:00 am – Help get Ben’s shoes on, brush and braid Mara’s hair. Make a to go breakfast for D, get coffee mug ready.

8:10 am – Hugs and Kisses to D and Ben as they head out the door.  Get Mara’s clothes out for her, get ladies out of crib.  Change one poopy and one wet diaper.   Get babies dressed for the day. 

8:30 am – Take a second throw clothes on self, find shoes.  Hope and Pray that I will get a second to tame this crap I call hair.

8:35 am – Clean up breakfast dishes, put food back in fridge. Feed Babies.  Prompt Mara to get shoes on and find jacket.

8:45 am – Brush teeth, remember thankfully where a headband is, throw it on, look in mirror.  Good enough.  Grab jackets, Grab babies, juggle them outside, into carseats with Mara.

9:04 am – Get babies out of car seats, into stroller.  Get to Preschool 4 minutes late… not bad. Get babies out of stroller in to car seats.

9:15 am – Get babies out of car seats into house.  Change two poopy pants.  Let the girls play a little on mom and dad’s bed. 

9:30 am – Put ladies down for first nap.  Dig pacifiers out from under not one but two cribs, wash them.  Hear ladies laugh and giggle, pacifiers hit the floor again.  Dig out pacifiers once again.  wash again. 

9:45 am – Rinse 3 poopy diapers, throw in diaper pail.  Remember diapers that are in the washer.  Get all dirty clothes rounded up, head downstairs.  Throw diapers in dryer, start new load of clothes.  Fold 2 loads that were waiting.  Talk to mom on phone.

10:15 am – Sit down to second cup of coffee and bagel.  Listen to the wonderful sound of no kids.  Even make dog go outside as to not be bugged.

10:35 am – Check on babies.  Still sleeping!  Sit down to write this post. And wish dishwasher had unloaded itself, and floor had vacuumed itself. 

Mom of Twins plus 2? = Hella organization, lots of thinking ahead, and limiting times I sit down and do nothing.  If I get behind in a day it will be tomorrow before I have a chance of catching up, but more than likely will just stay behind.


Posted by: Jenny | March 15, 2010


Lately my urge to create has coincided with my fiscally responsibilities.  Tonight I made sausage and cheese biscuits that we can eat as grab and go breakfasts, and one raspberry and one apricot bar which will tuck nicely into lunches.  The goal this week is for no one to eat out breakfast, lunch or dinner.  We’ll see if we make it.

Posted by: Jenny | April 28, 2009


Night time at our house is missing something these days.  For the last 16 days we have been completely pacifier (known in our house as a nunny) free.  Mara decided about 3 months ago that she was just plain ol done with them.  She went down for a nap, I gave it to her, she spit it out.  I gave it to her, she spit it out… ok, so I just took it with me when I left, and she hasn’t wanted it since.  Ben on the other hand was pretty attached.  We were going to work on going with out it after his third birthday.  Which happened to be the time when we were making great strides in potty training, and working really hard at not liking our nanny.  SO mom made the executive decision that we didn’t need to throw yet one more major change in the mix.  But two weeks ago, it was big boy bed time.  He was way to big for his toddler bed, and I found an awesome bed on craigslist.  It was time.  We talked about it, and decided that if we wanted cool Batman sheets we needed to talk to Batman (Uncle Matt) about what a big boy had to do to get some.  TURNS OUT, we had to send him our nunny.  So he decided it was worth it, we got out an envelope, put it in, wrote to Batman, from Ben, and put it in the mailbox.  And so farit has been fairly painless, he would say I miss my nunny.  I can’t sleep without my nunny, about 2 minutes before he did go to sleep.  All’s well that ends well.  And when the kids go to bed, nothing needs to be washed or de-dog haired.  Stuffy noses can be avoided via open mouths, and there is no late night searching under beds.  And that for now is my personal definition of freedom.

Posted by: Jenny | December 14, 2008


“What’s that Ben?”
“A robot.”
“Oh! He looks cool, are those his eyes?”
“Yeah and his mouth and his nose”
“Are you going to draw a mouth?”
“Yeah…here is his mouth, his eyebrows and arms. And his nipples.”
“and his legs.”
The influence breastfeeding has on an almost 3 year old. Robots get nipples. Awesome.

Posted by: Jenny | November 25, 2008

Define yourself…

We often spend Monday nights with a friend of the family, and his girlfriend if she is in town.  Over the last couple of months we have had a pretty good time together.  And although most of our conversations stay within polite discussion, every once and a while, we stray over in to that liberal vs conservative hot zone.  So far it has all been in good fun, but everyonce and a while I wonder how good of friends can people become when they are at opposite ends of the spectrum, not even opposite, just not the same side?  Thinking of this made me question my personal definition of these terms we use all the time to define ourselves.  I realized that when I call myself conservative/liberal it is more of a personal definition.  Through my study of American history and the formation of my beliefs, I label both sides through my personal filter.  So being the library worker I am… I decided to do some research.

And wow, the hate and misunderstanding that the web is littered with is hard to sort through.  First I did the basic wikipedia search: Liberalism in America and Conservatism in America.  And while that is a start I wanted more.  So I consulted my colleague via Ask a Librarian.  She helped me find some basic definitions and then I did a datbase search for journal articles. The following is a quote from of  “Challenging the charge of liberal bias in the media: an editor’s response: understand our biases, act as journalists, be a watchdog of the powerful.” by Mike Riley (full citation below)

“What do we really mean when we utter the words “conservative” and “liberal?” Are these words really as bad as everyone seems to think they are? The word “liberal” finds its root in the Latin liberalis, or liber, which means free. Webster’s New World College Dictionary offers this definition, among others: “Favoring political reforms tending toward democracy and personal freedom for the individual; progressive.” Given that cast, liberal sounds more like a concept the Founding Fathers would embrace rather than a description of some clan of pointy-headed evildoers who are regularly excoriated on talk radio.

Maybe being called “liberal” isn’t as bad as it seems.

Examine the roots of the word “conservative.” It comes from the Latin conservativus and is defined as “tending to preserve established traditions or institutions and to resist or oppose any changes in these.” It’s about protecting and preserving the fundamental values of what is right with the world. That doesn’t seem so bad, either.

It requires a little deeper digging to figure out what the fuss is all about. If conservative means protecting the established order and liberal means challenging that order, then the conflict is between preservation vs. change or tradition vs. reform. So it’s a power struggle about who controls the future. The forces of change or the forces of tradition? No wonder people get their underwear so tight in the liberal vs. conservative tug of war.

I think that it was worth my while to look up some definitions to words and labels we hear tossed about all the time.  The label I apply to myself hasn’t changed, but at least now I understand it better.

(Riley, Mike. “Challenging the charge of liberal bias in the media: an editor’s response: understand our biases, act as journalists, be a watchdog of the powerful.” Nieman Reports 57.2 (Summer 2003): 110(3). Expanded Academic ASAP. Gale. Kansas State University Libraries. 25 Nov. 2008
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Only 31…

So I have a birthday coming up.  Last year 30 seemed old,  but 31 not so bad.  I am not sure how that works.  Maybe I am feeling young in defiance of the junk mail I have been getting lately.  Seriously AARP and Medicare… I am only going to be 31!!!! I have some time yet.   But I think I have figured out the culprit.

I am the oldest of 4 kids.  My brother, Matt and sister, Chrissy are pretty close with me in age, and I was 12 when my brother Eric was born.  Growing up I am pretty sure that Matt and I liked 3 things:  Baseball, digging in dirt, and torturing Chrissy.  I could blog for days about all the um, not so nice things we did.  We were determined to make her a stronger person?  Anyway I am not sure when it was but we signed my sister up to recieve free information about hearing aids by calling the 1-800 number off a commercial.  Which put her on EVERY “oh you’re old so here is some stuff you should buy” list at the time, which apparently generates A LOT of mail.  VERY funny to us, not so funny to my sister.

I think she got me back.

Posted by: Jenny | November 9, 2008

Webdow Shopping?

Well how would you put together the concept of window shopping and shopping via the web?  Winternet shopping?  Anyway I do this all the time.  What would I buy at this website if I had all the money in the world…or if I was a hundredaire.  (what can I say I have my sights aimed way high)  Anyway tonight I was webdow shopping and found the Sprig Toys Discover Rig!  If someone wants to buy this for Ben for Xmas…that would rule.  I probably wouldn’t play with it that much….

Posted by: Jenny | November 4, 2008

Yes We Can.

Posted by: Jenny | November 3, 2008

A new bloggy adventure…

With our forces combined, my sister and I decided to start a new blog.  We have written for a little while, and feel it is ready four our publics’ consumption.  Check it out.  Let us know what you think!

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