Posted by: Jenny | August 23, 2006

Hello world!

This is the very first post to my very first blog… Behind the times? Well yes and no. I know people who have no idea what a blog is, much less author one. Some people may never care, and blogs may come an go as an online medium and thousands of people won’t even blink an eye. And others will have a new place that virtual dust can settle, a couple of years worth of their life, stuck in a medium they can’t get to. Print ’em off folks, that is all I can say. The instability of the virtual world that is combined with the ‘paper-free’ idea means tons of information will just be gone. That operating system not supported anymore? information lost. Floppy Disks anyone? information lost. Things are changing so fast, that I will be lucky if this website will support free blogs next month.

Sorry I got lost in my little world. Point being. I will try this and see how it goes. Who knows what the next big thing will be. I will probably be late in jumping on that bandwagon too.


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