Posted by: Jenny | August 24, 2006

My boy

Same night, different post. This should have probably been my very first post, as the name of this blog is Adventures in Mommying, so I should talk about being a mommy….But what can I say. I have been at work for 8 hours and 47 minutes, not that I am counting. So the idea of technology and how people get to information is at the front of my mind. Not that my boy isn’t but you know how it is.

My adventure begun almost 6 months ago, when my beautiful boy was born. And no matter how many books you read, or how much advice family, friends, and just random strangers give you, you aren’t ready. Hell even when you are in the middle of it, you aren’t ready. It is a fly by the the seat of his probably poopy pants. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Everyday is an adventure, everynight is a dream of past uninterupted sleep. I love it. And I love my boy.



  1. HI! I love your blog! It is great. Ben is the cutest baby ever. Don’t give up trying to change things one step at a time…eventually people will be like…why didn’t we listen to Jenny…she is brillant, brillant I say!!! off to bed I go.

  2. Ben is a very handsom boy! You guys are probably just bursting with excitement over his every move, after you get over being delirious from the complete lack of sleep of course. As far as the poopy pants goes, just count your lucky stars that it is staying in the pants. They eventually get big enough to take the poopy ones off, and then you will be dreaming of the days you are living now while cleaning it off of the carpet and walls. (Of course, only a parent would understand what I am talking about) Good luck and I am looking forward to more blogs!!!

  3. Most handsome man in the world!!!!!!!! I’m not biased Love Mom

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