Posted by: Jenny | August 26, 2006

So much to write about…

What should I choose tonight folks? As I was logging in I had about twenty or so thoughts run through my head. And more likely than not I will write about some strange combination of them. So get ready… 🙂

Well our first full week of Dustin taking class, and Jenny working 30 hours, with no babysitter is complete. And wow did it fly! Dustin is taking 19 hours of classes and with my new job I have been able to set a schedule of 30 hours around those classes, so we don’t have to have any childcare. Dustin isn’t working a part time job this semester, since childcare is so expensive that it would have to be one heck of a job to counteract what we would have to pay someone else to spend time with our child! And we both have the best of both worlds this way too, Dustin can just concentrate on his school, and I can work, knowing that when either of us is gone, we trust the person taking care of Ben!

Of course we are busier than heck, BUT, the good news is that we went on a date for the first time since February 14, 2006. That is right folks, the romance is back! We have a fantastic girl that helped us out when Dustin was in California this summer. She is an amazing babysitter, and Ben loves her. She comes out to the house and she rocks, that is all there is to it! It was a nice evening, we went out to a local restaurant, and then had ice cream downtown. It was weird being able to do whatever we wanted, well within about 3 hours and $50, anyway. 🙂

Alright alright, I will wrap it up. Ben was so funny tonight, crazy kickin’ man. He loves his bath, and he was quite the splasher tonight! Got me and the floor all wet, but tired himself out good right before bath, so I am not going to look a tired gift horse in the crib… ( a stretch I know…)


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