Posted by: Jenny | August 31, 2006

Food Rocks….

So the boy is eating solids…and D and I never knew how many implications that would have. Food is fun right? Well, Ben likes it so far, eating is right next to bath-time when it comes to favorite events of the day. He is still nursing like a champ, but his palate of sweet potatoes, pears, carrots, peas, and a little rice cereal or oatmeal mixed in, is growing weekly. On Saturday I think we start some winter squash. The rewards that we find in his diapers have changed not only consistency, but frequency, something that we are getting used to slowly. He used to be as regular as a clock, every morning by 10am or so we would hit pay dirt… or at least dirt. And now… so far the longest wait for “beans in the burrito” as we affectionately call it, has been close to 3 days. Ah the joys of growing up! Or watching one grow up.



  1. Man! Am I glad I don’t have to change those diapers anymore!! Nah…I’d probably handle a couple of gross poopy Ben diapers in exchange for hanging out with Mr. Cuteness for a little while.


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