Posted by: Jenny | August 31, 2006

Work again work again

Nope no jigs today folks, but another long day is afoot. Good news is I am almost done. I work 10 whole hours today, and with 2 left, it is definently the longest day of the week for me. Considering most days I work 4-5 hours, today is doubly long. For those of you who don’t know, I work at a university library, on the General Reference(Library Help) Desk. Answering all sorts of odd, interesting questions. I never imagined myself here, but I do enjoy my job. Every day is a challenge, and most days I walk out of here learning at least one thing. I work with cool people, and get to be imaginative and innovative. I get to be an agent for change, for challenging the status quo…which doesn’t make everyone happy with me, but I think that the longer you sit here waiting for the world to come to you, the quicker it is passing you by. Somedays it is VERY frustrating, and others I actually feel like I am making headway in a couple of my pet projects. Whether or not I effect any change? Who knows. I like to pretend I do, so nobody tell me any different ok?


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