Posted by: Jenny | September 7, 2006

Half a year…

So yesterday we went to Ben’s 6 month check up! I can’t believe it has been half a year! My little guy is getting so big, and so good at things! He is 19lbs 13oz and is over 27 inches long. He is tracking right along the 90% growth curve, and is as healthy as can be! The pediatrition that we had been going through for the last 6 months, mysteriously left the practice, so yesterday was our first day with the new one. She was ok, but we really liked the last one, and appreciated how proactive she was with all the problems we had in the first week of Ben’s life. (Maybe I will blog on that one soon!) So it was a little hard for Mom to accept going to a new one, I am sure Ben could haved cared less, just as long as one day we get to go to the Dr. and not get those stupid shots! He did so good though, he has been a bit grumpy, and needy, but usually it takes only a couple of days to get over the immunizations. And the good news is that the 9 mo check up doesn’t have any! (We know that this doesn’t make up for the 7 I think he gets at his year appointment…eek!)


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