Posted by: Jenny | September 8, 2006

Oh to be popular…

So I found out that I can see how many of you read my blog a day…so on average it is 7-8. Not bad, not great, and I am not sure what I even expected. BUT I will tell you that the day after I sent the email out, I had 78 views! Holy Cow. I don’t think I even know 78 people’s emails. So do I write so that people read, or do I write just to write. That is the question folks. I don’t know. I would like to think that people read, but obviously out of the 30 or so emails I did send out not even a third are still reading. So that kind of sucks, but maybe I will just go with the theory, write it and they will come. People are getting used to getting their news from not only email, but blogs too. I read a lot of blogs daily…I won’t say how many, just a lot. I also read quite a few work related ones. I really enjoy that, it helps me annoy er.. inform people about services and resources other libraries are offering daily. In a customer servcie oriented profession, if we aren’t speaking the customer’s language, the faster we get behind, and the harder it is to catch up. (You know how many soap boxes I find myself standing on here on my blog… just imagine how many I have at work. I often like to line them up and play hop scotch)

Making a short story long… Thanks to those who read, now if you would only comment, or IM me, as a couple did the other day(both my heroes, you know who you are) then my day would be complete.

Happy Friday all. Have a wonderful weekend, full of fun, family and friends.


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