Posted by: Jenny | September 14, 2006

I work Wednesday nights OK?

I know, three posts in one night? I am here until 10 folks, and I have to stay awake. You would be surprised to find out how often it scares away potential questions when the help is sleeping. So I take all the ideas I have had all week. AND I write. So new thing in the sidebar: Blogroll….these are the blogs I read on a daily basis, not the boring work ones, but the fun ones. I do usually read them daily, and they are cool, or funny. It is interesting how you get to know people, you don’t know. Probably how some of you (D’s family who have never met me) are getting to know me! So if you are bored, or stuck at a library service desk until 10pm(oh wait that is me) click away. One of the links is to my Crazy Ass sister’s site. She is funny. At least I think so. And this is where our sisterly love stems from. My ability to laugh at the dumb crap she says and does, and her ability to overlook my meaner big sister days. She is cool. I would say that even if she weren’t my sister. But I am glad she is…



  1. Well, shit, if I am being advertised now I better get to blogging. The fun thing about your blog is that I will check it for days with no update and then BAM three blogs. Super cool.
    PS: I DO appreciate your weird ability to think my stupid stuff is funny. Hehe.

  2. Jenny You guys are so cute I should be getting ready for work but I had to check your blogs first and I even kinda know you. love mom

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