Posted by: Jenny | September 14, 2006


So lately Ben is obsessed with my hair, and water bottles. Separately, but if he could have them both either in his mouth or tightly wound in his little fingers, I am sure he would be a happy camper. The water bottle thing has been going on for about the last month I would guess, and just keeps getting worse as he learns to control his hands. He really, really wants to get that water in his mouth. We have probably just made it worse by actually giving him a drink every once and a while. But he is just so darn cute! And the hair thing he is just plain tricky about. I will be sitting there rocking him to sleep and slowly that little hand will inch up my neck, to my pony tail, or just to the hair right at the back of my neck, and before I know it I am trying to free myself from his death grip. I have to wear my hair down at work, or else I forget what the darn stuff looks like, as when I walk through the front door the first thing that has to happen is the hair must go up. As up as it can get.



  1. You have finally joined our club! Take a look at all of the other mom’s when you are out and about, They all have an adorable strand of hair that isn’t long enough to fit in a ponytail. About the time you get it grown out, you end up pregnant and start all over again. It has been 4 years and I am still trying to grow mine out!!!!

  2. I thing he should grow his hair long. mom

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