Posted by: Jenny | September 14, 2006

School’s Out Forever…

May 1996, school was out forever. High school at least… 10 years ago. I dug high school. I had fun with my friends, didn’t learn all that much, didn’t into any trouble… Not that was memorable anyway, and not compared to my younger siblings… But it was fun. I look back on it fondly. And my 10 year reunion is coming up. But D and I decided that it wasn’t worth going, we don’t have anyone that could take care of Ben, and all of the events are at night. So why spend 80 bucks for an hour and a half. I will admit I am disappointed, but I bet that whoever planned it is still single, and probably lives in town, or their parents live in town. For those of us who have kids, and have to travel, what they have planned sucks. No I don’t want to go play golf on Saturday morning…and no to a dinner and dance at the Eagles…(on an inappropriate side note, in talking to one of D’s friends that is from ol’ GB he said it better, and more colorfully than I could, “Don’t people realize how many citizens of that town were probably concieved behind the dumpster behind Eagles?” yikes) Anyway, I hope to see those of my friends I haven’t seen in 10 years, soon, and if not I will catch up with you at the 20 year reunion.


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