Posted by: Jenny | September 19, 2006


Yep.  It is more official than ever.  I have lost it.  Gone bonkers. Jumped off the deep end.

Sigh… Ok, so the boy won’t sleep.  2 hours at a time tops at night, and sometimes 4 hours awake in between those.  He went to bed tonight at 7:30pm, and what is that now at 8:34 yep, he is awake, and has been for 45 minutes.  He had lots of farts and some burps, but is just pretty much awake, or screaming.  Those are the two choices…

I am not sure how I feel about the idea of letting him cry it out.  I have never been comfortable with it.  I just don’t know what the answer is these days folks.  Let me hear the advice, I don’t know if I will use any of it.  But Hell it can’t hurt right?  More than that cliff I am looking to go jump off of if this boy doesn’t go to sleep….



  1. Oh, bubba. I wish I had some good advice. I guess the only thing I can say is that they grow out of it. Plus, you’ll learn a new trick to keep him asleep. I think Ella was still sleeping in vibrating bouncy seat every night at that age. Being a parent is like being a magician sometimes, eh? All about tricks.

  2. Ah man! Here I am already wishing Emma would sleep longer than two hours at a time and she is only 2 months olds…….I have HOW MANY more months of this 😦 I know how you feel about crying it out……..I can’t do it either….Well hopefully we will both get more sleep soon

  3. Troy and I finally broke on not letting Aubrey cry it out after about 18 months of no sleep, it only took two nights of her crying for about 45 minutes. I know it is the last thing you want to do, but you will be grateful if you try (and it works!) We just pretended like we couldn’t hear her. After throwing every toy out of her crib at us to get our attention she just laid down and went to sleep. Just make sure you don’t let them know you can hear them, and don’t laugh, sometimes the things they try to get your attention are hillarious!
    I know you won’t try it tomorrow (like I said, It took us 18 months), but it does work if you can stand your ground.

    I promise, He won’t even remember in the morning. Who knows, He might even smile because he has had a good nights sleep!!!! Good luck!

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