Posted by: Jenny | September 21, 2006

2100 to 1200

Emails in my work inbox that is… Yes it is Wednesday, yes I did work. No you don’t get 12 random mutterings on the blog tonight. Why is that? ‘Cause I deleted a whole lot of emails tonight…Why do I have that many emails? Crap I don’t know, I don’t go back and read them thinking of the good ol days…But I do find it is a nice way to follow up on all the stuff I said I would do, but then forget about. So lots of work gets done when Jenny cleans out her email box, lots of reminders sent, lots of issues resolved…

But it leaves no time for blogging, yep that is right folks I did work tonight, while I was at work…. to think…



  1. Makes the time go fast! What a MOM thing to say.

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