Posted by: Jenny | September 21, 2006


sleep…  So if this post jinxs the wonderful sleep we have been getting.. Man am I going to be pissed.

Ben has been doing much better lately, D and I are pretty sure we are working on some teefers (teeth to those of you who speak standard variety english).  Which may or may not account for our crazy nights.  Monday night was so good that I woke up at 5am and just sat and looked at Ben because I couldn’t believe he was actually still asleep!  I thought to myself, maybe I should take my happy ass to the rocking chair to calm down and get back to sleep, right before the snoring started of course.  Maybe he read my post and felt bad for driving his mommy bonkers…more bonkers as D would say.

He has been a crazy backward crawler though.  He is funny as today he was playing on the floor and D was making lunch and I was getting ready for work, and the next thing we know the only thing that it sticking out from under the couch was his little head and sholders…. backed up almost all the way under the couch. Little stinker.  I will try to grab the camera next time, he was so confused.


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