Posted by: Jenny | September 26, 2006


So this weekend D had drill, and my mom came down to visit Ben and I.  We had a nice time, and it was great having her here… Except for the part where she and I took Ben out in the stroller and decided to dig around in the woods.  Forgetting of course that back in the day I was horribly allergic to poison ivy.

And now I get to remember just how great that was when I was a kid.  The worst part is my face.  My left eye, my nose and the right side of my mouth, all swollen, rashy, itchy, and getting to be oozy.  Man I am pretty.  Besides that my hands and forearms are the only other place.  I went to the DR yesterday, and he gave me steroids.  I have taken the last two days off work, as besides being miserable, I look hideous.

My eye is almost swollen shut, and my lips look like a collegen injection gone horribly wrong.  I can tell things are bad when I say to D that I look hideous, and he says, “But I still love you…”  Yeah it’s bad.

Luckily Ben doesnt’ seem to have gotten anything.  For that I am very grateful, it is one thing to do this idiotic thing to myself, but to a 6 mo old?  Damn that would suck… D is helping as much as he can, and hopefully it goes away soon.

Ahh the excitement…



  1. I think poison ivy is going around. You are the 4th or 5th person I know who ran into it. Feel better!

  2. You should post one of those beaut’s of a pictures on here. 🙂

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