Posted by: Jenny | October 5, 2006


So it has been a while hasn’t it folks!  You would think that since I had all of last week off, to just sit around and itch, that I could have blogged.   But nope, apparently not.  That poison ivy that I mentioned…sucked.   Really bad reactions to poison ivy are like chemical burns.  Swell, I have chemical burns on my hands, up to my elbows.  My face has healed, my arms are getting better finally, but my left elbow is still giving me trouble.  I may break down and call the doctor again tomorrow.  It is still all red, swollen and very hot, not to mention hurty.  Yes hurty.  It isn’t in one of the places that was an open wound, so I can’t see it being an infection.  But by the end of the day it hurts to even move my fingers, which after a week and a half I think is on the ridiculous side.

Mr. Ben has his two bottom teeth!  He is a biter folks!  The were first discovered on Sunday when we were at Grandma Patsy’s house!

The first hour of work always goes so freakin’ slow.  I can’t believe it!  Sigh, Lost is on tonight….but don’t you worry , I will watch it later!  We are almost caught up with Grey’s Anatomy.  These are the two shows that we get through ITunes, otherwise we don’t have TV.  But we can buy the whole season of these two for less than what it would cost us for cable.  And we don’t have to watch the crap…and we don’t have the time we would surely waste watching TV if we had it anyway!  Isn’t technology grand?



  1. Hey! You can watch LOST free on the ABC website. Check that out before you pay itunes anymore!

  2. Just wanted to say Hey! Love Mom thanks for the help!

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