Posted by: Jenny | October 7, 2006

So…about when

your husband reads your blog and says….I didn’t say that! When you said you looked ugly and gross, I said, that you didn’t, and that you were still as lovely as ever, and THEN said I love you. But DDDDD, it is funnier the other way, but yes I know it doesn’t portray you as the supportive husband you are. So this is my corrective, he really is supportive, nice, sensitive, sweet, in a very manly way, husband.

I am at work today, a wonderful fall Friday, and do wish I wasn’t. The leaves are changing, and I am jealous of my sisters visit to an apple orchard. That is exactly what I would like to be doing. Actually I would love to be doing it with her little family. And then maybe a picnic lunch. And then my sister and I could go shopping for black dresses for my brother Matt’s wedding in November. We are candle lighters…super…. AND I would like to go shopping with my sister, our husbands could take care of our kids…we could get coffee….

NOW where’s my damn jet?



  1. I KNOW! We need dresses. Hmph. I have a weird black dress from high school in my closet… I’m poor… I might just wear that. I wish you did have a jet darnit.
    My husband doesn’t read my blog- which is awesome because he is silly.

  2. I think your both Silly but can I ride on your jet Jenny. Love mom

  3. You’ll have no problem finding a sexy black dress. They are all over. Of course, it is probably more fun when you jet to shop. I think my jet is free this comming weekend, feel free to use it anytime you want.

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