Posted by: Jenny | October 12, 2006

My Job…

Soooo today (Yes 2 months after my start date) I got my position description:

Position Context

A Reference Generalist is responsible for general reference services and instruction to library patrons, emphasizing services to undergraduates in general education classes such as Expository Writing, Speech, etc.. Reference Generalists will determine how best to provide assistance to patrons through direct reference service or referrals as appropriate.

Knowledge required includes basic reference resources and a continual review of growing and changing collections and technologies.

Typical working conditions require flexibility, customer service dedication, communication skills, and creativity. As time and expertise permit, the individual in this position is involved in special reference projects and participates in professional development and continuing education activities. Flexible scheduling is required including night and weekend hours. Reference Generalists exercise supervision of student employees at the Reception and General Reference Desks.

Yeah so… that’s my job. Except on Wednesday nights. When I get to send emails like this:


Wednesday night at exactly 9:00pm we located with the help of the University Police Department a timed air freshener that was modified with an air horn. SO from about 8:00pm every 3min and 15secs an air horn sounded on the second floor. Needless to say the natives were getting restless, and I started making the rounds. I couldn’t locate the offending party, and people were getting more and more frustrated. So I called campus police and asked if someone would come over and just be a presense. He came over and it didn’t stop. Finally someone timed it and we figured out that it was exactly 3min and 15 seconds apart, and that was probably something, rather than someone. Next the cop, Kyle and I worked on triangulating the sound, and Kyle found it inbetween the books in the Soc/Hum Reference section.

SERIOUSLY? I didn’t read that part in my job description… triangulating? Anyone?




  1. Wow. what’s up with an air horn? That’s just weird. Look on the bright side, now you can add the triangulating thing to your resume.

  2. I really miss the library sometimes, especially after stories such as this.

  3. Pranksters are fun I guess. But someone doesn’t have enough studying to do!Mom

  4. ford chicago

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