Posted by: Jenny | October 14, 2006

Sick Sick Sick

Not me… Not me yet, anyway. (knocking on wood) But for the first time in his wee little life Ben is. D got a cold earlier this week, and while I have managed to avoid it, Ben didn’t. I think the both of us slept all of 3 hours last night. It was rather rough. Fever and runny nose, and a little cough. I hope he gets over it soon. I may call the ped. later, first time mom of a sick baby and all, I think it is in the contract you sign after they hand over the baby for the first time. Work has been much more managable these days, looking for things, and finding them… most times anyway. Oh except some random article someone wanted out of some agricultural bulletin that was printed in the 1940’s…. ek.. good luck with that. But the good news is that I don’t have to tell them no, I just send the question to someone who has more expertise in that area. My job is to know a little about a whole lot, or at least know where to find the rest of the whole lot I don’t know. Other people know a whole lot about one area. It works well…. My job ends up being like a treasure hunt. So fulltime torturer of babies who DO NOT like the snot wiped off their face, part time treasure hunter… Knowledge is treasure right?



  1. Wish I could be there to help, Love Mom

  2. Poor LiL guy…….and poor you..having to be up all night too….hope he gets better soon for both of your sakes!

  3. They make you sign a contract!?! What did I get myself into?! j/k

    I’m sorry Mr. Ben is sick. I hope he gets better soon!

  4. Aww, don’t they break your hearts with their little colds and sniffy noses? Hope everyone is well SOON!

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