Posted by: Jenny | October 18, 2006

New Clothes

So today some new clothes came in the mail! D and I were talking decided we could fit some actual professional clothes in the budget, and they came today. And crappola I am at work! I want to go home and look soooo bad…. sigh, must work…

The boy is feeling better, still sometimes snotty but is sleeping better, and no fever, so I feel like we are on the mend.

Nothing too exciting today, or this weekend, cleaned house, made and froze 72 bierocks…. as these along with a dish my mom is making is destined to be the fare at the rehersal dinner(where almost 80 people will be in attendance) for my brothers upcoming wedding… now only 72 more to go. We had a problem with the bread browning in the oven, so I am not sure what is up with that. Normally I would say the oven is too hot, bottoms brown, tops not… but they are getting done all the way through, just not nice and brown on top…. maybe next time I will try an eggwash???



  1. My grandma rubs melted butter on the tops of hers about two minutes before they are done baking. It gets them pretty and brown on top.

    It’s weird that you mentioned bierocks. My gma’s been making them like crazy because I’ve been craving them. I don’t know anyone else who knows how to make them. Good luck with the next 72!

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