Posted by: Jenny | October 19, 2006

Deep thoughts?

No Jack Handy here but I have been thinking about a couple of things I want to blog about. But of course when I am sitting down to freaking blog I can’t remember them. (Good News, I just thought of 2… going to write them down….)

First one….

On my way to work and back I drive by a house that has been effectively raped by Halloween. I am not kidding, or even being dramatic. Crazy freaking blow up halloween crap everywhere, spider webs, sheets ghosts everywhere, very very tacky stuff. Not cool at all. Not scary, hell not even festive, but why do I say raped?

I like Halloween: Maybe a nice wreath, or sign on the door, even a couple of pumpkins tastfully carved.

I like Halloween, and I am a little flirty: Def. pumkins, and maybe some Halloweenish lights on the porch.

I love Halloween: Pumpkins, lights, spider webs, one of those damn witches that has crashed into your local light pole, and some crap in your front yard tree.

I love Halloween and Halloween loves me back: One of those houses you always loved going to when you were a kid, kinda scary, very cool, very festive.

I stalk Halloween: All of the above, but some of those nasty blow up things in the yard…(seriously?, people go to the store, see one and think Hell yeah I want a 10 foot Snoopy and Pumpkin in the yard)

A very inappropriate groping by Halloween: One of these damn damn ugly snow globes.

Halloween raped your house: All of this stuff, and you actually look forward to putting up in the yard, ’cause you think it looks nice.

So that is my scale… ok ok, dramatic probably… Something will have went seriously wrong the day anything plastic blown up shows up in my front yard…



  1. I hate to say it, baby, but I just happened upon a great buy at the local giant blow-up snow globe store on the way home and I thought it would look nice next to the mock old-lady-bent-over-working in the garden that we purchased last month. So there.

  2. You are a dirty dirty man…

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