Posted by: Jenny | October 26, 2006


is good, and bad. I love the weather, but as it gets cooler, I feel that I can only take the boy out so much! We went on a fall walk the other day and he loved it. He is such a little monkey man these days!

AND I know it is past time for a ….. BEN UPDATE!

Mobility: still a crazy backward crawler… D and I figure that he has a magnet on his butt, that causes him to back up to chairs, couches, shelves, anything that will cause him to get stuck and mad that he can’t get any further.

Eating: like a champ, peas, pears, bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, oatmeal, rice, apples, fruit puffs squash, and various other things. We are working toward learning how to self feed, but it is on the early side, so we aren’t pushing, just introducing the idea that he can pick that up and put in his mouth, like he does EVERYTHING else. Likes it when you let him hold the spoon and help feed himself, or spread peas across his nose and forehead… or whack the spoon and watch food fly… take your pick.
Talking: funny cooing man.. dadadada mamamama lalalala yayayayaya ooooooo eeeeeeeee squeal, and the like. Very cute and funny

Sleeping: don’t ask. good some nights, bad others. I would like to work to night time weaning, but I don’t know that it will happen any time soon. The man eats more at night (from me) than he does all day… so I am not sure how I feel about it. I do know how I feel about constant interrupted sleep…. not good.

Playing: sitting up by himself, loves peek-a-boo, and tickling, and being with mom and dad at the same time. Loves throwing, mostly everything he can reach to the floor. Constantly moving, is like bathing a wild monkey. But he loves the water, and plays by himself in the pack-n-play quite a while even when I am in the other room. Still obsessed with my hair and water bottles. LOVES a sippy cup, does ok drinking by himself, but also likes just chewing on the bottom and letting the water slowly drip out on his shirt.

We are sitting at about 21 lbs, and wearing 12-18 month clothes right now. He is a tall, and big boy. And man do his dad and I love him.




  1. I want the picture He IS So DARN CUTE. Love MOM

  2. Ooh! I miss him! He makes the cutest Pooh!

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