Posted by: Jenny | October 26, 2006


So I have been thinking lately about when you make the statement:  I have this friend at work who….  It is the “friend at work” part that really gets to me.  Does that mean that they are only your friend because you work with them?  What if you had met them in a social setting?  Would you still be friends?  In which case why the qualifier?  Can’t you just say friend?  In my mind it seems like they don’t rank quite as high as just a friend.   They are your friend from work…  I guess maybe it is those people who are your friends at work, who you do things with outside of work, but for me personally those people are simply my friends.  Although I don’t have too many ( read none that I can think of) friends  in town that aren’t from work.  Sad… I want some mommy friends….   But I digress.  Anyway, what is your opinion, is a friend from work really a friend?  Or a kinda friend?



  1. I think it there is difference. I have had millions of friends from work that after I left a job slowly left the friend basis. I think you create these bonds/friendship with people at work you wouldn’t in your other friend circles, which, give you “my friend at work” status.

  2. Hi friend from work!

  3. Some how the transfer from work friends to other friends can be hard. I think. They all have their life outside of work and some of them don’t ever get beyond being friends outside of work, Does that make sense? I have lots of friends at work also but if I don’t see them outside of work I just consider them friends at work.

  4. I think a friend from work is a friend. You just have different levels of friendship. Some friends you would call at 3am if you needed to talk to, some friends you just meet every once in a while for lunch. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. It is nice to have friends outside of work though. I have a few but we never ever see each other…

  5. If you are still in Manhattan in a couple of years, I might be available to be a mommy friend. Noel and I are seriously considering moving back to Manhattan, since I am not really liking WSU and I miss K-State and Manhattan like crazy. I told Angie this and she got very excited. 😉 It’s nice knowing that I am missed.

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