Posted by: Jenny | October 26, 2006


So I am keeping up with the one word blog titles tonight…

As of Monday I am starting to work out with the help of my hot physical trainer (read: husband).  It is hard, I am not fit, I was more fit before being pregnant, but am much less fit now.  He has to be fit for his National Guarding, and is starting to work out more for that (as we let things slip after he got home from Iraq and out of the active Army).  So it is only fair, ifI am going to nag him, that I do the same, and it  isn’t like it is going to hurt me any.  I want to be fit, and so far I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment I get from actually doing it everyday!  And I think in the end it will equal much more energy. So I will let you know how that goes… and will request a swift kick in the ass if I report that I have stopped…as I would do the same for you!


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