Posted by: Jenny | October 26, 2006


Yes tonight is going to be a multiple post night.  There have been some bloggy things running around in my head that I simply haven’t had time to sit down and write about, so tonight it is my goal to get some of it down.  And it would be one long jumbled up mess if I posted it all together, so I will try to seperate it so at least it makes sense….

I have been working at a university library for (crap) almost the last 10 years…(with a two year break for grad school).  So I have seen some stuff, done some stuff, learned some stuff.  I have worked other places too, but the majority of my adult life I have been in a library.  First as a student employee, then a support staff in the department that checks in and out books and maintains the stacks and then support staff in the department that answers the questions people come up with, hiring, training, supervising the students that staff those desks, and lastly the job that I have now…  (See My Job for a job description)  I find stuff, my job is to know where the information lives, and be able to get people to the information they need.  To be able to judge if it is good reliable information, and then make it easy to get there.  But that isn’t the point of this post.  I work in an academic environment, there are tenurable faculty that work here, as well as classified staff(which I was when I was support staff).  Is one more important?  Not in my opinion.  Is one more educated… yes, does one make more money… also yes, does one need a specialized degree?  Also Yes.

I am not in one of those fancy tenureable positions… I don’t have one of those fancy degrees…  Do I want one?  I don’t think so, not right now at least.

So what is your point Jenny?  I am considered by some to be “lower ranking” if you will… No matter how hard I work, no matter what time I put in, what commitees I chair, or am involved in, how well I do at my base job, there are more than some who won’t respect the work I do.  Regardless of if I work harder, better, more than they do, because I don’t have their fancy degree…. Could I get their fancy degree?  Hell yes, but do I want to commit my life, or some of my life to this job?  Do I want to put my money and time into this profession?  I don’t know, but I do know that I want to be respected for the work that I do.  At least the work that I do well.



  1. Personally, whether or not you get an MLS doesn’t matter to me. Because I think you do an incredible job and are a real asset to this library. You are not “lower ranking” by any stretch of the imagination. Some of those people with the “fancy degrees” can’t find their way out of a paper bag and definitely aren’t as good as you are at your job. And I’m not talking just about at the desk either. Although I realize none of us are indispensible, there are things that wouldn’t be done as well by someone else. You are as invested (if not more) in making this a great place for our students and that counts for a lot. Just some thoughts from one person who has a great deal of respect and admiration for you.

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