Posted by: Jenny | November 3, 2006


I know you were all frantically checking my blog this am, waiting to see what hilarity in-sued last night… But alas, no blogging occurred? Yeah yeah, I work on Wednesdays, except for the weeks that the Thursday gal needs the night off, and I switch with her. I know I should update you guys, that way you don’t get your hopes up to read the super exciting ins and outs of my day… or week as it seems I only update on one day… but I do mean well. And by mean well I mean… only sit down at the comp for more than 5 minutes probably once a week. Lately anyway… not that I don’t waste time other ways… just that lately I just don’t sit down to blog as much as I would like! Phew, that was a mess of a thought, and while I could go clean it up to make it easier to understand…

So, tonight is the night….


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