Posted by: Jenny | November 16, 2006

The giving of Thanks…

(have you ever noticed how every, well most of my titles have … after them.  Yep, that is to… up the anticipation. or something… or just a nasty dirty habit I have when I type, you decide)

SO Thanksgiving will be held for our little family at our house.  My mom and brother will come for sure.  D’s family has said they won’t come, and my sister and her family are staying up north.  My other brother and his new wife will hopefully come, he said they would, but he has a history of saying yes and then not showing, so I will believe it when I see it.  What can I say, once bitten twice shy babe.   (HA!)(sorry it is funny to me)(probably shouldn’t have so much caffenine before working at night…but it is better than slobering on the desk when i fall asleep at work… in public….not the coolest).  We will have it at our little place, and D will smoke a turkey and fun will be had by all, oh and thankfulness too.  If the weather cooperates(checking….supposed to be in the 50’s not bad) we will have a bonfire that night!  Fun!  I am excited, and wish more people were coming, especially my sister and her fam.  But I understand the drive sucks…  So the planning has begun, and I am excited to pick out some deserts to try!   Baking is my friend.  What are y’all doing for the giving of thanks?


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