Posted by: Jenny | November 16, 2006

To those of you…

who check everyday, or every other day, it must be disappointing to see that I usually only update on Wednesday evenings… SO, I will try to do it more often.  I make no promises.  But you never know.  So far I have been keeping up with things pretty good considering……. Considering I didn’t think I would.  Not considering I am crazy busy or anything.  I am busy, but, not that busy.  Hell I only work 30 hours a week.  But the rest I pretty much dedicate to taking care of my little monkey man.  That and I like to read.  OH and this week I made a diaper cake or rather am making one.  I rolled all the little diapers up and made 4 tiers…. I had a lot of little diapers left.  Considering Ben was a big baby(10lb 4oz) I really didnt’ need the little tiny ones long.  And so I had 4+ packages in the closet…so I have a baby shower on Friday, and I decided to use them.   And I thought it was cool so there….



  1. Yay! more updates.

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