Posted by: Jenny | November 18, 2006


Friday is a good day.  Today is Friday.  Today is a good day.  I am hungry, and tired, and still at work.   Silly silly me trading with people, and ending up at work longer than I planned.  It was a pretty good day though, the diaper cake was a hit, and yes for those of you wondering, I am going to post a picture.  So you can see it in all it’s glory.  Work has been good so far, slow day for academic work… I am working(with two lovely coworkers) on a professional article to be printed in a library like journal, and it is coming together nicely.  I hope it gets in.  We’ll see.  I have to decide if I am really going to attend a library like convention coming up.  When it was far far away, I got all gung ho and said, HELL yeah I will go, and now that it is coming down to the regristration date, I am getting cold feet.  So again, we’ll see.

Ben has 3 teeth now… He popped out one of his top front teeth, and so far we have a happier more eatinger(totally a word….)  baby.  Which is cool, cause with happier we get sleepinger…. I love the English language it is my friend.  Will you be my friend?


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