Posted by: Jenny | November 30, 2006


So for the last two years we have lived in the downstairs half of a house, 5 miles out in the country.  We really like the area that we live in, and have hated thinking of moving.  But we are.  The good news is, we are just moving upstairs.  Rock on.  We get fancy things like:


real windows.

a bedroom for ben.

a spare room that will house the computer and let D work on his homework in peace.

the ability not to just be able to reach up and touch the ceiling.

no creapy crawling things that like basements….like rolypolys and these crazy centipede looking things.

the chance to do the dishes at the SAME time as ben is napping, without waking him up.

The bad things are:

it is really really dirty.  D and I have been cleaning for 3 days already, and I am taking the next 2 off so I can finish and paint the living room and kitchen.

the china cabinent will probably have to live in the spare room for now, simply because i hate crowded living spaces. all you do is sit and type in the computer room, so I don’t mind if it is crowded.

I have to get used to Ben not being right there, which will be good, and bad because right now the two of us are very used to it.

But I will say this… Easiest move ever…

Also, since I was in college, I think my little brother has helped me move something like 9 times.  I think I am endebted to him for life, all the moves one person can do.  He will probably make me come over and pack up all his stuff jsut to move it to the other side of the room to unpack it, and then we will be even.


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