Posted by: Jenny | December 8, 2006

A well placed sorry.

Some things have been going down lately that have made work situations tense.  Some of ya’ll will know what I mean, and the rest of you will have to just imagine.  I have never been in this situation before, as most times when people have an issue with me they let me know, or it just blows over.  But this one has just persisted.  It has kind of come to a head, and apologies have been made, and I think that holds more weight than most other things you can do.  A well placed sorry goes further than most other things.  It doesn’t erase whatever you did, or whatever happened, but it does start mending the fences.  I am not one for drama, and I will forgive and forget quite a bit if it means I don’t have to remember who I am friends with or who’s side I am on, who I can talk to, or when I can walk in certain offices.  Play nice folks, you dont’ have to be friends with everyone, but play nice.


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