Posted by: Jenny | December 8, 2006

So how’s Ben?

This is the number one most asked of Jenny and D in the last 9 months.  Not that I mind.  I love talking about my kid, just give me a chance to get rolling, you will learn things you never thought you would know(if you aren’t a parent, if you are a parent, you probably already know them, but just enjoy hearing about other people being tortured they way you were).  This is also the reason I like reading blogs written by parents.  It is the same reason it is ok to watch my husband chat with some random cute woman in the world of Wally who has a kid in the cart… We all like to talk about our kids.  Stranger or no, we are in the Parents Club now and we like it and given half a chance we’ll talk about it.

So in doing some random clicking on other blogs… (I have no idea how I got there, I tried to replicate the path of clicks but with no luck) I found this one that is very well written by a dad.  I like the male viewpoint, it is different than the other blogs I read, and fun too!  Check it out! 


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