Posted by: Jenny | December 8, 2006

To box, or not to box.

I think the answer would be BOX. At least at this point. If you move, box your stuff up. Because when you get to your new place, and you don’t have time to organize and put everything away, you just have piles of shit everywhere. Getting dressed in the AM, SUCKS, when all of your clothes are literally dumped in corners so you don’t have to walk over them. Clean? Not Clean? WHO THE HELL CARES, as long as I can get to work on time, and have everything covered. If all the stuff I don’t have time to work with right now were at least in boxes, I wouldn’t have to look at it, or kick it around all the damn time. Sigh….

One day I will have a put together house.

One day.

Please, I really really hope for a put together house.

Santa? Can I have a put together house for Christmas?



  1. Awww do you have to cover EVERYTHING?

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