Posted by: Jenny | December 13, 2006

All he wants for Xmas….

is another baby.

So I know when I pose questions via my blog not many people respond.  Buttttt I am going to do it anyway.

What do you think the ideal spacing for kiddos is?



  1. All 3 of mine (I am just lumping in number 3 here) are very near 2 years apart. Now, in my family, there was 7 years between each of the 3 kids. I like my spacing better than my moms. This way the kids can play together. However, paying for college is going to be a beyotz.

  2. Did you plan for them to be 2 years apart, or did it just happen that way?

  3. YAY! More babies! There is no perfect spacing. Kids can be close in age and not be close or lets say 10 year space and be very close! And as far as financially- you’ll never be financially ready (well maybe not never, but you know) So- my opinion- just keep having the cute babies anytime you want!

  4. That is so exciting that you are thinking about more babies! We are too. It took us awhile for Emma and I am eager for more babies too, so we are ready to have more also! I agree with Chrissy, there is no perfect spacing, it’s whatever you are ready for. With my babysitting kids I have a 4yr old, a 22 month old and then Emma at 4 1/2 months and they seem to do great. So I say start baby making!

  5. Noel and I are planning on starting the process over again the summer after John turns one. That way if we’re lucky they will be almost exactly two years apart. I like the idea of two April babies.

    My mom thinks the ideal spacing is three years, so she thinks I should wait. She also thought Noel and I should have waited until after our second anniversary to try for this kiddo. She didn’t really mention that though when John was kicking away at her hand tonight after dinner. 😉

    Have more babies and I will move to Manhattan and watch them. 😉

  6. Hey there. I clicked over from Anne’s blog.

    My girls are 33 months apart. I like that spacing because my oldest was potty trained by the time baby girl #2 came along! 😉 Also that gave my oldest plenty of time to be “the baby” of the family and she was a great helper when my second daughter arrived. She’s bossy, though. LOL

  7. I agree with Jamie, I think about three years is perfect, There never seems to be any squabbling around my over much of anything, and Aubrey is the perfect little helper. Rarely she decides that she needs “alone” time. And, when Ben starts to school, you will have your one on one time with the baby, without hurting Ben’s feelings.

  8. I think you should have twins as soon as possible! Ha Ha! I had to say that.

  9. we planned. xcept for you know…this recent one. cough.

  10. Just for record’s sake, I don’t just want to have another baby for the shear joy of making the baby (although I do like that part). I just figure our little boy is as close to perfection as anyone can ask for, and I think to myself, “Man, I want to do this again.” Raising Ben with you has been the highlight of my life (and it’s just beginning), and I think you and I are great parents with the potential to raise another – or even seven (wink) – wonderful baby. I love you, baby. Merry Christmas.

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