Posted by: Jenny | December 14, 2006

Does it scare you away?

when I pop in that little widget over there and say hi to you?

‘cuz I think it does.

Here is my example:

[18:58] jenn_7796: Hello meeboguest
[18:58] Meebo Message: meeboguest767446 has left your page

I am not(but man would it be funny in a freaky sort of way) sitting there looking at my meebo, waiting for people to read by blog…If I happen to be chatting, and I see you poop  pop on(as the other would just be weird and bad for your monitor) my blog, I say hi!  It is cool when I catch someone who wants to chat, but the rest of you I think I scare off, with something other than my suave writing, and insane wit.


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