Posted by: Jenny | December 14, 2006

Should be getting ready

for the retreat that I have planned for a commitee I chair, that we have all day tomorrow. But what am I doing. Blogging.


Especaily D’oh, as if I don’t get my crappola together before tomorrow, there will be some who read this at the retreat and know exactly why I am so unorganized.

I still don’t know how I feel about the kid thing, I know I want to have more, just not when. I think I def. want to wait until Ben is a year old. But after that we will see. It is cool that so many of you commented, it is interesting to see the different viewpoints, including the one that is my sister just likes being an aunt. Which is cool, and good, and she is good at it, aunting.

Christmas shopping is coming along swimmingly. I am getting people, nice and meaningful presents, not just last minute crap.

I made muffin Christmas trees today, to give to both of our neighbors. They were made of one dozen of three different kinds of muffins, and individually wrapped, and stacked, and wrapped again to look like Xmas trees. Turned out very very cute, and fun as I thought of the idea, and made it all by myself! Woot.

I decided I am going to unlurk myself on some different blogs I read. Especially since I read them almost daily, why not post my stunning insight?

This is random thought post 200. Why 200? Why not.

The CONSTANT drip of the kitchen sink drives me batty. D says he can just tune it out(much like he does me I would imagine). But it drives me up the damn wall…….

Ben is sleeping better, sleeping in his own crib, and sometimes falling asleep on his own. The only thing that sucks is the fact that last weekend he and I went to my mom’s, this weekend we will go to D’s mom’s and then Xmas weekend we will go back to my mom’s. All the traveling does nothing for a consistant schedule, bed time, or bed place. And really sets us back in the sleep department. So that blows, but what can you do. (answer: become hermits)

There has been a crazy theft problem here at the ‘brary. With people stealing unattened crap, left and right. And by crap I mean, text books, IPods, USB drives with finals and projects saved on them, backpacks full of homework. It is so crappy to steal, but to steal stuff like that, that turns your whole week/semester/GPA to crap really really sucks people. Santa is def. NOT going to be visiting you this year. And karma is a bitch.



  1. You seemed pretty prepared to me, but I _so_ wish I would have looked at this page during the retreat and called you out on it.

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