Posted by: Jenny | December 28, 2006

First Christmas

for Ben is over and done with.  I don’t have pictures yet, as we left the camera at Grandma’s house.  D’oh.  But maybe she will upload some for me and I will get some for y’all out here soon.  It was a great day, and Ben made out like a bandit.  Luckily I thought as much so D and I didn’t get him too many presents.  We will instead start a savings account in his name and get him set up there.  Here are some of the cool toys that he got:

 Learn Around Playground 

Laugh & Learn Learning Phone

Laugh & Learn : Learning Puppy

WTP – Slide ‘n Learn Storybook 

Yeah, my dad mentioned we may have to rent the downstairs apartment again just to hold all of Ben’s toys.   These 4 are just the tip of the iceburg.  Holy cow did he get lots of cool stuff, including cute clothes.

I also got cool stuff, including a new set of dishes from D.  I totally wasn’t expecting them, and they rock!  D def. knows that the way to this woman’s heart is through her cupboard…. I love dishes, I don’t need anymore dishes, but man do I love them.

I got D. a new coat and a smoker, he was in heaven.  Now he can fiddle with that all he wants, so many different ways to smoke, grill or whatever supper that he should be busy for a while!

So all in all, it was a great day, a great couple of days.  Got to see my super cool niece, my sister and her husband, and got a gift certificate to go to a dinner theater along with my brother and his new wife, so I think we made out pretty good.

I hope you all had great family/friends/fun filled day/days.  And will blog somemore soon!



  1. That was a really great thank you and I will get on that uploading. Love Mom

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