Posted by: Jenny | January 7, 2007

Song: Come Away With Me, Norah Jones

Love:  My husband.

(There is more to our story, but I will start with the part that begins with this song) (look for that part at a later date.)

I was at work, at a different library than I work at now.  Down int he bowels of the building, standing in front of some shelves.  My boss pops his head around the corner and says, hey you have a visitor.  Come up stairs will you?  A visitor? I thought.  No one visits me at work.  I come up stairs and there he is.  My dear dear friend, who was supposed to be thousands of miles away, in Iraq.  But he is here, and the first thing I can think is just to touch him, to hold him.   I ask for the rest of the afternoon off and we leave the building arm in arm.

I can’t believe he is home!  He is on leave, and has just a little over 2 weeks left.  We decide to go to my house, and spend the evening talking and making dinner.  We had been writing quite a bit, and there was more than one or two letters that he sent that scared the crap out of me.  Not freak me out scared, but ‘wow, this may really be something, and am I ready for it’, scared?  And I shut down.  I didn’t know which way to turn or what to write in reply, so I just didn’t.  But now he was here, and it was so different.  Before he left that night, we decided that he would come by in two days time for dinner.

This was different.  This was new, exciting, mind racing, heart awakening.  He knocked on the door that evening with a pink rose, and as he entered the door, Norah Jones started signing Come Away With Me.  Without so much as a hello he pulled me into his arms and we danced.  I think both of us knew then, in our hearts of hearts that we both reached the finish line of one race, and were just finding the starting blocks of the next one.

The next two weeks we were barely apart.  Laughing, loving, talking, debating, learning, and falling.  It was amazing.  More than amazing.  And then it was the night before he left.  Neither of us could talk about it, neither of us could think of it.   Everyone that is deployed is away from their family and in harms way.  But all I could think of was my Infantryman going back into combat.  Combat missions, raids, patrols, guns, guns, and bad guys.  And this was my guy.

That morning was the hardest, saddest morning I have ever, and hope to ever have.  How do you say goodbye?  How do you say goodbye when you have been married for X amount of years?  How do you say goodbye when you just said hello?  It wasn’t fair.  Please stay.  It’s so scary.  I will miss you so much.  How do I do it?   How can I not know what you encounter?  What happens if?  Please stay.  Just stay.

The last 7  months of his tour I spent with a phone never more than a foot away.  Watching every news that I could find.  Searching every internet source I could find, and being so scared.  He called, he wrote, he IMed me.  Everyonce and a while the phone would ring at 3am and there was our song.  Again no hello, just our song, and I would lay there close my eyes, cry and pray that he would hold me again.

I wanted him to come away with me, anywhere, anyway, just so he could hold me again.

He did come home, my love, my heart.

We danced to that song on our wedding day, and later in the barber shop where D had to stop the lady cutting his hair so he could come and dance with me, and probably will in a million other wacky places. God willing.

My prayers, and wishes for speedy safe return to all of our guys and gals over there.  And to the people that wait for them, stay strong.

That is the part of my life that flashes through my memory each time I think of that song.



  1. What a lovely, lovely post!

  2. That is beautiful! I can just see you two dancing in my mind. Thanks for sharing such touching and heartfelt thoughts. I love that song and now it has new meaning.

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