Posted by: Jenny | January 10, 2007

200% and going…

So here is the break down folks:

I am a full time mom, a full time wife to a full time college student and member of the Army National Guard, a 3/4 time Reference Generalist ( If you are asking WTH read this), and now almost a half time college student myself. That’s right folks I am going back to school. I just enrolled in 5 hours, and start Thursday. One of the classes I am taking I actually was a graduate teaching assistant for back in grad school….but it is a requirement for the new career track I am on, so what the hey, it should be an easy class! I am still not sure what I want to be when I grow up, but I am at least going to start going back to school, and then hopefully things will work themselves out in my head. Anyway that is the theory. It isn’t that I am not happy where I am, but I can see myself only being happy for a while doing this. Basically the parts that I like about my job is the stuff I have inflicted chosen to do all on my own. My basic job is neither here nor there. Actually it tends to be way over dramatic for what it is, but I think that is just the combination of personalities. But the stuff that I do on the side, the new ideas, new projects, task forces, and the team that I chair are the fun stuff…. and I only get paid for very little of that. So I can see it being frustrating in the long run, and the only way out of that frustration would be to go on to get another Master’s degree that I don’t really want. So instead I will get another BA, and hope that leads me down a path that I can be happy with. It hasn’t ever really been about the money, but about coming home and feeling like I did something. Not even something earth shattering, just something I can feel good about, and challenged by.



  1. So what is the new class and potentional new career?

  2. Yeah, I’m anxious to hear a little more about this… 🙂

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