Posted by: Jenny | January 10, 2007

Can you tell

he is sleeping more at night, and D has class?

Ok Ok, so I am catching up on blogs.  Quit making fun of me and I will give you some pictures….

That is what I thought…

Here is a bunch for you…


Here we are on the way to the park.  My cute niece Ella, holding Ben, who is holding Ella’s baby named Chrissy(my sister, her mom’s name… she is a silly gal)


Don’t mind the date, but here we have some early present action…


This one is at Grandma’s where Santa came this year… Ella got a baby, and Ben got a ball giraffe thingy…. (yeah Santa wasn’t going to come for Ben, until Ella told grandma excitedly that Santa was bringing presents for her and Ben this year….hence the hurridly found ball giraffe thingy….)


And here we have my new sister in-law, and niece, sporting stylish train conductor hats.  Very chic ladies…


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