Posted by: Jenny | January 10, 2007

Seeeecret Blooooogggg

Do you ever want a super secret blog? One that you can write how you got in a crappy fight with your partner, that your job sucks, and that you didn’t shave your armpits for a whole month in. Sometimes in frustrating parts of the day I think that it would be ok, but then I also realize that no one would read it. SO I could just save myself the potential fight with the hubby/looking for a new job/embarassment by opening up a word doc and pouring out my soul there and then deleting it.

I thought that maybe I should have done that with my song post the other night, as at first I had no comments. Then I had a couple of you that I see on a daily/weekly basis talk to me about it and comments from blog land (ladies I read on a regular basis but don’t know in real life), and I felt better. I thought crap… TMI… no one wants to read that sappy crap. Not that I needed to hear how outstanding my writing style is, but just that it was ok to share. Does that make sense?



  1. Oh I love a secret blog! You should check mine out…but then I’d have to give you the address, and if I do that, it’s not so secret any more, is it?

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