Posted by: Jenny | January 13, 2007

A fiver?

On par with blondemom I am going to try to think of 5 things you don’t know about me…

1. I really dislike ostriches.  I mean seriously the things freak me out.  They are nasty and scary, and one of the only animals that I just really don’t dig.

2.  I along with my sister and my mom, really like bubble gum, and blowing bubbles.

3. Favorite color is yellow.  Not bright obnoxious yellow, just yellow.

4.  Whenever either my husband or I do something dumb, and the other one of us says “How is that again?” we are contractually obligated to do it again.  This has lead to some very hilarious – this is how a gorilla on fire would dance – moments.   Twice.

5. In a perfect world there would be two seasons.  Flip-flop season, and boot season.  I know I know, I would be wearing the flip flops when it is a little chilly, and the boots when it is a little warm.  But they are my favorite kind of shoes.  No dress shoes, and very few tennis-type shoes.  Just boots and flip flops.

Your turn.

Happy Friday!


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