Posted by: Jenny | January 18, 2007

Holy Crap…

Wednesday already?

Sure enough.  ‘Cause here I sit at work, my first night shift of the semester.  I really did like the whole month without night shifts….But it is a hell of a way to knock out 5 hours and get a hell of a lot of work done.  I know that most people that I frequently email, or work with, have a ton of emails sitting in their inbox when they get back in on Thursday morning, and that is mostly because I clean out my inbox.  Right now I have 118 messages in it, and I am getting twitchy.  I tend to forget stuff if they get burried under all the no action needed emails that I get in a week.  So keeping the inbox clean helps me get the stuff done I need to.  I know I still forget things, but I do what I can.

I think that my life’s greatest ambition is to have a minion.  At least one.  And not only would that minion keep my emails replied to and my calendar in order, but each and every morning I worked, I would have an iced mocha with real whipped cream, and a scone waiting for me on my desk.   And not too long, oh no.  The ice would not be melted, and the scone would still be warm.  And things would be good.

I am telling you folks I am a big picture person.  I can brainstorm the heck out of an idea.  I can see work patterns and streamline the heck out of those too.  I can come up with new and exciting events, and projects.  But damn the details.  It is work for me.  I try and try and try to remember everything, but if I had someone else do that stuff for me… ooooohhh h holy moly the world would be good.  I could take over the world!  One big idea at a time….  So one day, after all this school and other job stuff, I will own my own business.  And mark my words.  I will have a minion…..



  1. But, don’t I count as that minion, sweetie-kins?

  2. I think a proper minion would call her ma’am, not swetie-kins!

  3. Maybe when Ben gets a little older he can be your mini-minion.

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