Posted by: Jenny | January 23, 2007

Come Monday

No I did not spend four lonely days in a a brown LA haze.  More like a weekend, snowed in.  Ben and I did get out in the snow, and it took me about 30 minutes to get out of the driveway, but after that it was smooth sailing.  Yep there I was, hardcore out in the snow with a shovel in the passenger seat.  The roads were clear, but I had to get to the road….

I was supposed to have friends out on Saturday, but they stood me up.   And ended up at someone else’s house in town.  Damn dirty townies.  So I ate part of the cake, good moist chocolate, that I made for desert, and have had the fruit and dip, that I also made, for a snack today.  And am enjoying the house I cleaned all Saturday in preparation for their visit.  So I don’t need no stinkin friends.  Not when I have cake.



  1. We had more fun stuck in the snow then would have had at your house anyway!

  2. Mom comment What the heck?

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