Posted by: Jenny | January 23, 2007

More or Less

I am feeling more positive about life in general, and less about other stuff, but we won’t go there.  So here is my own response to my earlier post…

I want to stay at home with my son, and future children full time.

I will have a career that allows me to stay home with them as much as I can, and be the best mom I can be in that time.

I want to bake and cook fabulous foods.

I will bake, and cook, when I have the time.  The rest of the time, I will focus on healthy, easy meals.

I want to excersize and loose the baby weight I still have before thinking of adding more baby weight to it.

I will work on being more healthy, and be happy with who I am, even with some extra weight

I want to have more time to do what I want at work.

I will be more choosey with my time, and focus on what I can change. 

I want to have a career, that I can excell at, and have fun with.

That is why I am going back to school… duh.

I want to go back to school full time to get it done with.

I will work at a slower pace and do a better job.

I want to spend tons of time with my husband.

If my husband and I can make it through 13 months overseas, we can figure out how to spend quality time together, even if we don’t get the quanity we may want.

I want to go visit my grandparents, and D’s family out east I have yet to meet.


I want  to spend a long weekend with my sister in Minnesota, and with D’s cousin in Texas.




  1. Speaking of baking- here’s a recipe just for Ben.

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