Posted by: Jenny | February 1, 2007

I think he is

ready to start feeding himself don’t you think?



There isn’t that much food that didn’t make it in his mouth.


But Mom it is so much fun!



  1. I love babies with food on their face. They are so cute. And you can use it against them when they are snotty teenagers.

  2. SOOOOOO CUTE!!! He is so adorable and so much fun! I got my keys to my place today..hopefully I will get my stuff all arranged this weekend…and then after that in the near future when you are in KC you will have to come visit!!!

  3. wow I just think it is A-mazing that my last comment was my last comment was made Feb 2, 2007 at 6:44am….holy cow…I am going to be late for work…..(posted 02/01/07 at 6:46PM) lol. He he..and if it shows up for everyone else the actual time I posted it ..I am using prehistoric dial up that is probably why…although you would almost think with the time it would be futuristic!!! HA! Not even! Okay that is all.

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