Posted by: Jenny | February 1, 2007

It’s official

I am freaking…


Sheesh, between D being gone two weekends, and counting this weekend THREE weekends in a row.  Plus classes, plus work, I am done.

I know life just gets busier and busier, but I just need to catch up.  I have been working like crazy to keep us organized and the house clean, and make sure I get everything done for my classes, and my job.  And so far so good.  I have had 3 assignments, and 100% on all so far!  Yipee! ( I did do an air guitar like dance when I saw the grades, in the privacy of my own house thanks)  I know part of my problem is i am still at work and I had a mocha earlier (around 2) and I am crashing off the caffiene.  So things aren’t THAT bad, but you know when it seems like it!

Today is my sissy’s birthday!  Yipee, so I will post about her.  Stay tuned.


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