Posted by: Jenny | February 1, 2007

Song: Jessie’s Girl

Love: My little sister.

So my sister is almost three years younger than me. We grew up fighting like freaking crazy, and driving my mom mad! I was the typical older sister, convinced her to eat dirt, made her cry, told her she had a moustache. And to this day she is both one of the coolest people I have ever met and one of my best friends. In honor of her birthday I will share some of my memories.

I remember going away to college, my freshman year, living in the dorms. Even though I drove home every weekend (2 hours to see my boyfriend… yep you guessed it, it WAS D ( more on that another day)) I hardly spent any time with my family. But I do remember one night, that I got a call from my mom, they just found out that Chrissy was a Type 1 Diabetic. It was really scary, read about her ten year anniversary on her blog. It has been an interesting journey to go through as a sister, a learning one. It still amazes me how much people DON’T know about diabetes. From how serious it is, how much it affects her life, the fact that she is NOT allergic to sugar, and no she isn’t fat, it isn’t what caused it, or because of it. That is memory one.

One summer when I was home from college, my sister and I pretty much spent the whole thing driving around, going to Wally world, and to the local grocery store. Driving around ’cause it was cool…duh. Wallyworld, ’cause pretty much everyone in town was there, and the grocery store because a hot dude that Chrissy wanted to talk stammer to. Yeah it was pretty pathetic, but damn it was fun! And that is where we get the song Jessie’s Girl. It wasn’t a song of the era (late ’90s when i was in college) but for some reason it was always on when we were driving around town wasting gas checking out hot dudes. We worked together at the movie theater, and made up like 15 cool secret handshakes. I am not sure if she ever talked to the guy at the store, but we perfected our stalking techniques, like all teenage girls should. And that is memory two.

I know this is a long and rambly post. There was going to be more sappyness, and more memories, but I can’t hold a thought long enough to type it. SO here is the thing. My sister: best sister ever. Cool Cat! Fun to hang out with, great to talk to. I miss her. I liked when I saw her most every day.

Happy Birthday girl.



  1. *blush* Thanks Jenny. You left out that it was also the summer of .99 Route 44’s so Sonic’s cherry limeades were in our hands on the way to Dillons to see cute red head man. WHICH by the way whom I did talk too finally AND he hit on me one night. But alas, he was drunk when he did it and I didn’t reciprocate because at that point I still had morals. Sigh. That was a fun summer. This might have been my favorite blog posting of yours yet. 🙂

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