Posted by: Jenny | February 9, 2007

Blog traffic has

went down lately. I guess I am just not saying interesting enough stuff. Or maybe I am not saying it often enough. So the lesson I just taught myself, is to say boring stuff more often. ‘Cuz at least then people will come read it, and even if they think, damn that sucked… hey they know what it is I ate for lunch that day.

Is there anything that you would like me to blog about? Or should I just randomly think of things to throw up here. Do you want more Ben?

Can you tell I worked Thursday evening instead of Wednesday evening?

Last night I had to take a practice PPST so that was a blast. Two late nights, followed by little man waking up at 6:00-6:30 rock. But I am reminded by this blog that having an 11 month old is a whole different ballgame than having a newborn. Whatever sleep I think I am missing now, doesn’t even hold a candle to a brand new nursing babe.



  1. Maybe traffic has gone down because people love your blog so much that they subscribe with their feed readers, so you get fewer hits on the page. Better than thinking you’re boring.

  2. I think it is b/c we understand your blog schedule now. I only check the blog on wed/thursdays. Maybe you should be more spotanious with blog writing.

  3. I would like to read more social commentary and international worldviews. Make it so.

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