Posted by: Jenny | February 15, 2007

I challenge you/hope you will/wish you would…

get a blog.  I like reading about your life, oh stranger I have never met.  But I also like reading about people I know, like my crazy ass sister, who says that Ben isn’t contributing enough to this blog…what is he…like… a baby?  But some of you other folks that I know should like totally get one.  They rule!  And it is so much easier to update people on random shit than sending out mass emails… besides, where else could I like take on the awesome personality of a total airhead and have like at least 30% of the people who read this, think that maybe what I am really all about.  I mean totally…


But seriously people who are not strangers to me… get a blog, and then tell me about it.  Allow me to read posts that may be more dumb and weirder than mine… they do exist…



  1. Hey remember me? Here’s my blog for your reading enjoyment

  2. I’m with you sister! I wish more of my friends would blog too.

  3. […] Adventures in Mommying posted that she would love to read more blogs written by people she knows. I second the emotion. If you are reading my blog and don’t have a blog, get one and send it to me. Or if you have as secret blog, let me in on the secret. Last but not least, if you have a blog but don’t write in it frequently, write more. It’s fun and exciting. Try it! […]

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